About Us

Hi there, we are a simple living family who enjoy outdoor fire heated baths and camping at the beach in winter in New Zealand! 

Upon returning from years of world travel as backpackers, we now grow two little children and a healthy lifestyle is part of our journey.  We wanted to create something worthwhile, funky and environmentally happy for New Zealand!  We succeeded! We divert tons of heavy non degradable truck curtains from landfill, scrubbing and redesigning them into our quality, one-off , handcrafted bags. 

Our dream is to truly live off the land, and off the grid, and entwine at-risk youth with our work and experiencing the great outdoors and adventure New Zealand has to offer, to bring change and transformation to their lives and ours. We would also like to create an environmental/sustainable educational roadshow where at the end of the interactive and informative session people/kids can create cut their own bag or schoolbag design from a recycled truck curtain and have their unique self-designed bag. 

Our bags are made from unwanted truck curtains, seat belts and bike inner tubes diverted from New Zealand landfill, cleaned and cut in New Zealand and sewn on industrial machinery in New Zealand. We are going to keep it that way, because we believe in supporting New Zealand and local labour.

We would love to hear from you, drop us a line, be inspired and inspire. This is not just about us but you too......

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Kia Kaha

The Karkt Family