About us & Sustain-ability

We are a simple living family, no TV, one car, vege garden living a stones throw from the beach. We go camping, fishing and building sandcastles for fun.

Our biggest contribution to sustainability is creating QUALITY pieces that will last you a lifetime. In our current cheap mass- produced take, make and waste world, we need to take a step back; to reclaim unwanted things, buy durable products, recycle and re-manufacture materials and to fix broken things. Not just throw it away and buy a new one.  

Reduce, reuse and recycle is all good, but add reclaim, redesign, refuse, recover, repair, rethink, respect, restore makes a better world!  Globally people are looking for alternatives to single use and disposable items. So we are proud to have created a durable winner! We are positively playing a small environmental part over here on our small islands in the Pacific.   

We like the saying that every time you buy something, you are casting a vote for the world you want. It is true, power is with the consumer. Be it food you eat or bags you buy.  Buy less and buy better !  When we set out to create a recycled bag we wanted to create something interesting, beneficial for the environment and funky for the people buying it. Our bags are made from  unwanted truck curtains and bike inner tubes  diverted from the landfill.They are cleaned, individually cut  then sewn on industrial machinery in New Zealand. We are going to keep it that way, because we believe in supporting local labour who are paid a livable wage.  We are not perfect, but always thinking in what way can we be more environmentally responsible, or our product can be 100% recycled?  How can we find or make a recycled buckle?  We are excitingly anticipating the possibility of 3D printing one out of recycled plastic filament! Or does anyone know of recycled industrial strength thread?  We would love to hear from you. When we cut the truck curtains we do our best to minimize waste (but have yet to find someone who will recycle our PVC off cuts into something else).  Every truck curtain we take and reuse diverts approximately 50 kg from the landfill. Yay for that, we feel good about it.

We would love to hear from you, drop us a line, be inspired and inspire. This is not just about us but about you too......about us, all of us.If you like what we create, sign up to our newsletter (home page bottom) and we'll let you know about new products and ideas as we release them!

Kia Kaha 

The KARKT Family