My Rebirth

Karkt WorkshopPast are my days thundering through scenic New Zealand being trucked around.  Once discarded by my Truckee, KARKT could see hidden beauty and revived me into a funky unique bag.  I refuse to sit quietly in a landfill unable to decompose, what a waste of my durable qualities!  I was made for mileage, ready for my next adventures.Karkt saved me (a truck curtain) from the landfill. Scrub me clean with eco cleaners, cut the bag design out of me, combined me with a washed seat belt, cleaned inner tubes for piping and trims, truck inner tube for my “KARKT” label, advertising billboard and street flag banners for linings, all recycled!  Then stitched me up on industrial machinery to make me what I am today. Unique quality awesome-ness!
All this handcrafted right here in little New Zealand.