April 02, 2015

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KARKT Bags are Upcycled, ​Handcrafted and Functional.

Made in New Zealand 

Unique Designs and Highest Quality to Last

Messenger Bags, Sports Bags and more made from recycled truck curtains
& inner tubes
Global Shipping 

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Working together with Seat Smart - Recycling child car seats!

Did you know your expired child car seat is 92 %recyclable? We are so glad to be collaborating with Seat Smart in recycling part of child car seats. The seat belt get reused in our funky recycled bags. Shop for your unique recycled bag. Spread the word and minimise car seats being sent to landfill, never breaking down.  Seat Smart is in Auckland!!!   They have a two month SeatSmart pilot starting from 1st April with four drop off locations. You are able to drop off any brand of expired, damaged or unwanted car seat for dismantling and recycling locally instead of sending it to landfill! They are doing great stuff by working alongside the Corrections Department in the dismantling of the seats.....so, please recycle your car seat in the garage! And check out more what KARKT is about here.

helen copplestone
helen copplestone